Who We Are

Proton Granito strives to be the most necessitated and eminent manufacturer and exporter of vitrified ceramic tiles in local and global tiles markets. We are highly devoted to assisting our patrons and customers right. In the upcoming years, we will be the prominent manufacturer of vitrified ceramic tiles by offering the best-fitted ceramic solution to the customer and delivering high-end ceramic products centered on their requisites. Our quality maintenance team follows two-way quality checks at every step of the ceramic and porcelain tiles production cycle, including an automated and manual approach for testing each manufactured product by adhering to a stringent and regular quality control maintenance policy.

We turn innovative ideas into creative ideas.

The idea of Proton Granito is to be focussed on the quality, creativity, and unbeatable customer service while keeping the ecological balance integral. Our ceramic production observed brilliance in the manufacturing and embossing technology and the professional development of our unit. The core values of Proton Granito are to do the constant search for the new opportunities created by learning numerous technological innovations and making the manufacturing process of tile manufacturing little by little safe and sound and more environmentally-friendly by offering eco-sustainable ceramic products to the clients.


Our production process is easy going towards energy saving methodology by improving energy consumption and reusing techniques to encourage and put forward a safe and healthy environment.

company mission

We are committed to shooting up our double charged vitrified tiles business and manufacturing environmentally friendly manufactured tiles goods and products to encourage keeping all the ecological standards intact and maintained.

sustainability standards

We are an ace manufacturer for the eco-sustainable digital tiles company and have been unwavering support to make the digital tile production a closed-cycle procedure. To keep up with the several ecological quality standards set by the global tile quality standards, Proton Granito emphasizes offering continual learning and training programs to ensure its safety and predefined environmental standards.

ECO-BODY dough

We have up to 40% of quality raw materials recycled from the ceramic waste recycling scheme, with no impact on performance or quality – ensuring eco-project or sustainable development tiles. We follow and abide by an integrated approach with pioneering green initiatives. Every aspect of our business – from water and lighting to heat and even pallets and packaging – is subject to the strict Environmental Policy.

Wide Range of Designer Double Charge Tiles by Proton Granito!

We believe in providing excellence in the name of vitrified tiles and service to our patrons and customers. We have an underpinned tiles catalog by our manufactured vitrified tiles and are further enhanced and cultivated by our creators and innovators team. Our products are recyclable up to the maximum extent and are LEED accordant. Be the part of our exclusive and specially curated tiles and explore the collection today.


What is our goal?

The brightest star in Proton’s history is its excellent brands and their brand value. Ethics and Elysium are the brands that represent Proton Granito in markets.

The company seeks to become a major international tile supplier by using the same principles that have led it to grow so swiftly and effectively.