Production Plant

Proton Granito's vitrified tiles production unit goes along with the up-to-date and revolutionized technologies and methodologies in producing, imprinting, and examining its quality. Our digitally printed nano-vitrified and double charged vitrified tiles are brilliant using modern digital printers to make the tiles attractive and visually appealing.

Core Purpose

Proton Granito's core purpose is to guarantee our customers and patrons an easily approachable and customer-friendly environment beyond comparing customer service and satisfaction. We aim to manufacture the innovatively designed vitrified tile products with the utmost excellence and perfection using hi-tech and manufacturing and stamping technology.

Quality & Innovation

Proton Granito has a quality and innovation team that continually ensures each turnout tile product of the export and import production and distribution processes strictly abide by the mandatory quality, protection, and ecological standards. The global tile manufacturing market and quality standards set laws and norms. Every tile product meets the international authorized quality and is marked by ISO 9001 and CE certifications.

Manegement & Marketing Team

Proton Granito aims to produce a masterpiece for various projects and offer and deliver our customers and dealers with high-quality digital tile products globally and in the country with the greatest sincerity by encouraging a healthy environment for better living conditions. The high-end digital tile products undergo a mandatory quality check cycle at every stage of the production, manufacturing, and marketing phase. Our research and development team adhere to the thumb rule of quality check: the finished digital tile product must comply with all the standard requisites. They must meet the sets of pre-defined quality standards. They austerely control and maintain the log of quality checks performed on the produced and imprinted digital tile products. Our quality control team strives to work out customer satisfaction through quality and eco-friendly products.

Brand Promise

Proton Granito’s prime focus and goal are to give our valued customers and clients precedence and assure them of a customer-friendly atmosphere with unparalleled customer service and satisfaction. We are focused on innovatively manufacturing designed digital vitrified tile products with the utmost excellence and perfection using hi-tech manufacturing and printing technology. Our foremost goal and intention are to wow our valued patrons, distributors, dealers through our work commitment and product quality. We serve our customers and clients with our best possible produced digital vitrified tile product within the promised timeline and even within the tautest and firm deadlines by keeping the quality intact.